The Habsburgs: Alter Egos and Disciplinary Sidesteps

Barber, Craig and Spackman, Andrew (2016) The Habsburgs: Alter Egos and Disciplinary Sidesteps. Message Journal, 3 (3/6). pp. 57-84.


In the process of having the paper peer reviewed, it became clear that by writing about our exhibition work which established ideas of disciplinary boundary erosion and the role of context in upholding these fabricated decisions, we were potentially creating a new piece of work. This text is not an adjunct to the work that it discusses; it has a dual existence as reflective document and new work, which has a creative importance that equals the work it discusses, and expands upon the continuum of transformation. Work is potentially endlessly recycled, destroyed and then reformed. The original piece which was formulated as a reflective conversation between the authors about our work as The Habsburgs. We felt that – in keeping with the conversational method of the paper – it seemed pertinent to include the reviewers’ comments as a part of the conversation. Here their words are highlighted in a different colour.

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